Consultants' Resources

Ainger Technologies works with both our consultants and customers to ensure excellent results. Evidence of our success is the number of clients and consultants with whom we have repeatedly worked for more than thirteen years.

How do we do this?

  1. Our operating model permits us to price senior consultants for far less than most of our competitors. Don't look for an Ainger Technologies Tower downtown. Neither our clients nor our consultants need it, so we don't have it.
  2. It's that same model that keeps a higher percentage of billing with you - where it belongs!
  3. For contracts and clients that you source directly, you maintain an even higher percentage as well as a portion of all future revenue from that client - even if it's another Ainger Tech resource working with the client.
  4. Ainger Tech will administer all facets of the contract including negotiation, contracts and billing. Ainger Tech pays you directly on a monthly cycle. The first cycle begins the first month you begin a contact (ie. There is no delay).

  5. Using our vast relationships, we will actively source contracts in your field of expertise. Where possible, we will focus on work in your home area, however, as work becomes available elsewhere, we will advise you immediately.
  6. For every contract, you will know the full rate being charged by Ainger Tech to the client.
  7. Ainger Tech supports our clients with only expert resources. How does this help you?
    • Maintains our excellent reputation with our clients
    • You have access to both a formal and informal network of other experts. This network helps support current contracts, professional education, and potential future work.

  8. We will not put a person into a position for which he or she is not an expert. In cases where we cannot provide an expert resource, we will attempt to provide the information to our client where they can best find that resource - even if it's a competitor.

If this sounds like how you'd like to work, we'd like to hear from you.


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